Episode 01
Episode Information
Kanji 相思相殺
Romaji Sōshi Sōsatsu
Original Air date April 13, 2005
English Air date January 10, 2008
Animation Work by Gonzo
Script/Screenplay by Mutou Yasuyuki
Episode Direction by Kizaki Fuminori
Animation Direction by Chiba Michinori
Storyboard by Kizaki Fuminori
Opening Theme Kouga Ninpou Chou
Ending Theme Hime Murasaki
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Destiny (相思相殺, Sōshi Sōsatsu) is the first anime episode of Basilisk, based on the manga of the same name.


The episode begin with a battle between Kouga's Shougen Kazamachi and Iga's Yashamaru. The clan leaders Ogen and Danjou look on from a distance, accompanied with Ieyasu, Munenori and Masahiro. Having seen enough Ieyasu orders the battle be halted and calls the two clans' representatives towards him. He tells them that the peace treaty between the clans is broken and asks if they want to participate in a war to determine the next Shogun. Both clan leaders agree and are given a scroll to write down the names of their ten best warriors. Yshamaru and Shougen are then given a scroll each and given the order to head back to their respective clan and tell the others of the war.

Left alone, Danjou and Ogen walk off to a riverside, reminiscing about the past. They remember back to a time when they were in love. Iga had been attacked by Nobunaga Oda, though soon after the pair discover the Kouga had been heavily involved too. Despite not being involved in it himself, Ogen blames Danjou and ends their relationship. The pair then begin to discuss the ninja whose names they had put on the scroll when Danjou attacks Ogen, spitting a needle into her throat. Believing her to be dead he turns away and is distracted by a hawk, allowing Ogen to stab him through the chest with the needle. Having scored their names off the scroll (which Danjou had stolen from Yashamaru) Ogen dies on top of Danjou, their bodies drifting into the river. The hawk then carries the scroll straight to Iga.

Far away in the distant mountains Oboro is seen meeting with Gennosuke, unaware of what has occurred in Sunpu.

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Characters Included (In Order of Appearance)Edit

Characters EliminatedEdit

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