Last Rendezvous
Episode 02
Episode Information
Kanji 胎動弐場
Romaji Taidō Niba
Original Air date April 20, 2005
English Air date January 17, 2008
Animation Work by Gonzo
Script/Screenplay by Mutou Yasuyuki
Episode Direction by Nishimoto Yukio
Animation Direction by Hashimoto Hideki
Storyboard by Nishimoto Yukio
Opening Theme Kouga Ninpou Chou
Ending Theme Wild Eyes
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Last Rendezvous (胎動弐場, Taidō Niba) is the second anime episode of Basilisk, based on the manga of the same name.


The episode continues directly from the end of the last episode with Oboro and Gennosuke Kouga meeting in the woods. As Oboro runs to Gennosuke her sandal breaks and she falls forward, being caught by Gennosuke at the last minute. Gennosuke then decides to carry Oboro on his back. At a different location Ogen's hawk is seen carrying the scroll to Iga when it has its scroll stolen by Jousuke. Rousai appears from the darkness and demands the scroll, challenging Jousuke to a battle of ninja arts when he refuses. Jousuke agrees and the pair begin to battle over the scroll.

Elsewhere Shougen Kazamachi is seen stopping for a drink before the scene changes to Kouga Manjidani. Juubei Jimushi is seen reading the stars and telling his fellow ninja that he senses Danjou and Shougen are in danger. The group, consisting of Hyouma, Kagerou, Saemon and Gyoubu, begin to worry and Gyoubu volunteers to search for them. He is stopped by Juubei, who says he'll go instead.

The next day Oboro and Gennosuke are walking together when Gennosuke senses the presence of other ninja. From behind the trees Akeginu, Nenki, Hotarubi and Jingorou appear, saying they had come to collect Ogen and take her back to Iga. The group are interrupted by the arrival of Jousuke and Rousai, still squabbling over the scroll. Gennosuke orders Jousuke to return it and the Iga ninja, without Oboro, move away to read the scroll. Having learned of Hattori Hanzo's treaty being broken the Iga manage to convince Oboro to take Gennosuke to Iga, while Akeginu manages to convince Jousuke to go to. With the Kouga trapped the Iga set out to find Tenzen, their second-in-command. Tenzen reads the news of Ogen and Danjou's deaths out loud, with Ogen's death upsetting his apprentice Koshirou. Tenzen then rejoices in how the treaty is finally broken, happy that they can now actively kill the Kouga.

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