Background/Alliance Information
Japanese name:
Gender: Female
Status: Deceased
Affiliation: Iga Clan
Occupation: Nanny to Princess Oboro
Family: Oboro (probable Daughter)


Manga Debut: N/A
Anime Debut: Episode 16
Voice Actors
Japanese: Naoko Suzuki
English: Unknown
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Neeya (ねえや, lit. big sister) is Oboro's childhood caretaker who appears during the flashback of episode 16. The two had a close mother/daughter relationship and after she died, Oboro would frequently go to her grave to pray for guidance and strength. Her character design was based on Kuzuha Kuyou, one of the characters of Masaki Segawa's other manga series Onikiri Jūzō. There are hints she may be Oboro's biological mother. Her name is unknown.


  • (Upon being asked if Oboro is her daughter) "Perhaps there was a time when we had such a bond, but those memories have faded."