Shichigen Higurashi
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Ninja Stats
Gender: Male
Special Ability: Wind Through the Pines
Status: Deceased (Alive in another world)
Affiliation: Kouga Clan
Family: Unnamed mother

Unamed father (mentioned)

First Appearance(Manga):
First Appearance(Anime): Episode 1
Voice Actors
Japanese: Mitsuhiro Ichiki
English: Clifford Chapin
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Shichigen Higurashi (蜩七弦, Shichigen Higurashi) is one of the main characters of Basilisk ~Ōka Ninpō Chō~.

A young male ninja who can control different types of bugs. He reveals that his power originally consists in seducing women.

As a young boy, he discovered his ability to shut the insects, and later to control them. His father was revealed to have the same affinity with insects.