Tenzen's Father
Tenzen's Father
Background/Alliance Information
Japanese name: Unknown
Gender: Male
Status: Deceased
Affiliation: Kouga Clan
Occupation: N/A
Family: Tenzen (Son)
Manga Debut: N/A
Anime Debut: Episode 23
Voice Actors
Japanese: N/A
English: N/A
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Tenzen's father had forcefully cut his son out of his dying mother's womb. He had raised his son to be a Kouga, yet Tenzen somehow switched his affiliation to Iga when he got older. In the flashback, he is seen standing beside her while she gazes at him lovingly. He appears to be uneasy and clenches his teeth moments before his lover looks shocked to see several Kouga ninja standing behind him, carrying swords. As she is brutually attacked, he looks away. He is soon seen being handed a sword, and as she desperately reaches out for him, he stabs her with a crazed and mournful expression on his face.


Tenzen's father is a young man with dark hair (possibly brown) that he keeps in a high ponytail. His bangs fall over his forehead and he has dark eyes. He wears a dark kosode and hakama.


  • His name is not known and he does not speak at all in his lover's flashback.
  • It is unknown why he allowed or possibly planned the slaughter of his lover.