Tenzen's Mother
Tenzen's Mother
Background/Alliance Information
Japanese name: Unknown
Gender: Female
Status: Deceased
Affiliation: Iga Clan
Occupation: N/A
Family: Tenzen (Son)
Manga Debut: N/A
Anime Debut: Episode 23 (In Human Form)
Voice Actors
Japanese: N/A
English: N/A
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The very parasite that hosts Tenzen's body is in fact his deceased mother's spirit. She was killed by Tenzen's father and several other Kouga ninja some 200 years ago; after her death, Tenzen was cut out of his womb and then raised to be Kouga. However, some time in the future, he somehow switched his affiliation to Iga. As an act of revenge, Tenzen's mother's spirit inhabited the body of her son in order to keep him living forever.


Her appearance was that of a beautiful young woman. She had black hair that she let hang loose in a pink ribbon, dark eyes, and a dark (perhaps blue) kimono to match.

In her dormant state, she has the appearance of two wart-like growths that stay on each of Tenzen's ears, which form together when healing his body. In this state, the only visible characteristics of her are dark (sometimes red), menacing eyes similar to Tenzen's, and a mouth. Sometimes, while in the process of tending to her son's wounds, something similar to hands are slightly visible. And, on only one shown occasion, the image of a small, yet disfigured body can be seen.


In the brief amount of time she appeared in her human form, she seemed to be a peaceful woman; she believed in peace between the Kouga and Iga clans, having been in love with a Kouga man while she was an Iga. However, after her death, she became furious and wanted nothing more than revenge. Most of the time, she appears to display this rage. The only other time she shows something beyond this emotion is after her flashback; staring at Oboro, she is shown crying, perhaps saddened by the realization that she fed the anger between the Kouga and Iga, as their hatred was most likely the reason for her unnecessary death.

She also seems to be quite clever, because she is never shown healing Tenzen's wounds when in the presence of others; rather, she waits for the area to be secluded before beginning the healing process.


Regeneration: She has the ability to heal any wound that may be inflicted on Tenzen's body by simply "eating" them. This ability is so proficient that she is even able to mend his head back
Tenzen's Mother Eating Tenzen's Wound (2)

Tenzen's mother "eating" his wound

onto his neck if severed; however, his head must be held where it was chopped off in order to heal correctly. According to Tenzen, the only way to kill him is by cutting off his head or burning his body to ash, meaning she is obviously unable to cure injuries this drastic.


  • In the manga, it is not the spirit of his mother that resides inside of him, but rather his twin brother. Some fans spectulate that Tenzen's brother had merged inside of him and then became a parasite.
  • Apparently, she can somehow eat away poison, as seen when Tenzen is revived after Kagerou poisons him with her breath.
  • Her name is not known and she does not speak at all in the flashback she is shown in.

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