Ninja Stats
Gender: Female
Special Ability: Dreaming Reality
Status: Deceased (Alive in another world)
Affiliation: Iga Clan
Family: Unnamed father
First Appearance(Manga): {{{first_manga}}}
First Appearance(Anime): Episode 1
Voice Actors
Japanese: Ayane Sakura
English: Jad Saxton
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Utsutsu (現) is one of the main characters of Basilisk ~Ōka Ninpō Chō~.

A young female ninja whose technique of Dreaming Reality enables her to create illusions and control the movement of her scarf. Utsutsu is one of the Iga clan ninjas.

By training further, she can later materialize her illusions

Appearance Edit

Utsutsu is a young girl with black, chin-length hair and green eyes. She wears a blueish-white colored kimono and ties it with an orange obi, she also wears sandals. The upper part of her hair is tied back with a pink ribbon, she has bangs and a hime-cut.
After the time-skip, Utsutsu grows her hair out longer.



Personality Edit

Her talking may seem rough, which makes her look headstrong. But in reality, she’s mostly interested in beautiful things. 

Biography Edit

Utsutsu was brought up along with Hibiki, Hachisu, and Rui as apart of the Iga clan. 

Utsutsu is killed alongside Rui after being struck by the demon god during their assault on the castle. Before death, Utsutsu and Rui are able to kill Neiri Chiou and then drag their half dead bodies to the top of the castle to assist Hibiki and Hachirou in their fight against Joujin with the combined might of their abilities. They ultimately die of blood loss after sharing a tender moment together, with Utsutsu commenting on how she can only remember fond memories of bathing together with Rui.

Abilities Edit

Her special technique is a genjutsu called “Dreaming Reality”, which enables her to create illusions and control the movement of her scarf.

She can also make enemies see whatever illusion she wants them to see.

Relationships Edit

Iga ClanEdit

Hibiki IgaEdit

Utsutsu's duty is to protect Hibiki from any kind of danger. Since they were brought up together since they were young, they're friends, as well as comrades.


Along with Utsutsu, Rui's duty is to protect Hibiki. Utsutsu and Rui are best friends. They usually talk with one another. Utsutsu was the one to let Rui know that Shichigen likes to look at her boobs every chance he gets. 


Along with Utsutsu, Hachisu's duty is to protect Hibiki. The two were raised together with Hibiki and Rui. They are friends and work together.

Kōga ClanEdit

Saizō Ishi

Saizō and Utsutsu are usually paired together when it comes to both clans having to work together. Utsutsu and Saizō have a cat-and-dog-like relationship. They usually always bicker when around one or the other.

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